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Traveller Men’s Health

The All Ireland Traveller Health Study (AITHS 2010) highlighted the very poor health status of Traveller men; in particular the research showed that Traveller men die 15 years earlier than men of the majority population and that suicide is 7 times higher.

In December 2012 MTSG employed a part time Community Development Worker for Traveller men’s health in an effort to highlight and respond to the health needs of Traveller men. The role of the CDW is to:

  • Establish links with Traveller men in the community
  • Gather information on the needs of Traveller men in the community and to develop suitable projects to address the needs identified
  • To raise awareness and provide opportunities for Traveller men to gain a greater understanding of the determinants of health and the services that they can access
  • To highlight Traveller men’s health on relevant committees and establish working links with other services and organisations
  • To address the key areas of Traveller men’s health as outlined in the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (AITHS 2010)

Work of CDW to date includes:

  • Organised Men’s soccer tournaments locally and regionally that included health screening and information
  • Linked with men’s sheds
  • Attended Irish Heart Foundation & ASIST Suicide First Aid training
  • Started a gym programme for Traveller men with health information
  • Worked with the Ballina Community Food Initiative & Parkside Community Garden
  • Represented MTSG on local committees to raise awareness to Traveller men’s health